Connectors & Interconnected Products
  AIM-Cambridge - AIM-Cambridge has a universal line of cost effective, high quality solutions for connectivity. BNC, TNC, Type N, F Type, RCA, UHF, Mini UHF, D-Sub, and Modeular Plugs for Data/Telecom. Including a wide variety of cables for A/V, SATV, CATV, Computer and LAN Applications

Ametek - HermeticSeal Division - Hermetic Seal Corporation has been a leading designer and manufacturer of hermetically sealed Connectors, Pressure Bulkheads, Headers and Feed thrus. Many leading edge companies involved in the aerospace, defense, geophysical, nuclear, and medical fields depend on HSC for their glass-to-metal-sealed Interconnection devices

Ametek - Sealtron Division - Sealtron is an expert in glass-to-metal-sealing and is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of circular hermetically sealed connectors and is Qualified Products Listed (QPL) in the United States to MIL-DTL-26482 I & II, MIL-DTL-38999 I, II & III, MIL-DTL-83723 III

BIX Connectors - BIX has a full range of circular push pull connectors, mating and demating compatible to Lemo, Fischer and ODU. Supports applications in military communication, medical electronics, testing and measurement instrumentations. IP 68 and 360 EMC shielding. Harsh environment applications.

Trompeter - RF interconnect products and tools for the Telecom, Broadcast, Military/Aero and OEM markets. BNC, TNC, Twinax, and Triax connectors. Patch panels, patch jacks, patch plugs, and patching cables.

Filconn, Inc. - Is a manufacturer of custom aerospace and military grade specialty connectors with the primary focus on Mil-C-38999 style, filtered and transient suppression connectors, but will make a wide variety of unique devies that are engineered for specific applications. EMI/RFI, EMP suppression, composite, hermetic, and custom configuration connectors for the Military/Aero, medical, transportation, and oil/gas industry

Power Cords, Wiring Harnesses, LED Lighting & Contract Assemblies
  Indak - The INDAK Group - Major markets include Automotive, OEM, LAN & Garden, Electronic & Appliance manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide. Services include: Electronic manufacturing, design and assembly of LED Lighting Assemblies, Electronic & Electromechanical components, and assemblies including: Electronic Switches, HVAC controls, Control Modules, Displays, Clocks & Timers, Injection molding, stamping, and assembly. QS 9000 and ISO 9001 certified

Indak LED Lighting - offers a variety of “off the shelf” LED lighting fixtures for ceiling, and under-shelf or under cabinet mounting. All are designed to be efficient, long-lasting, easy to install, and will provide pleasing color and intensity with minimum shadowing.

OSI Electronics - Manufacturing Services A global Electronics Manufacturing Services provider with manufacturing locations in the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and England. Services also include an Asian sourcing operation in Denver, Colorado, and Flex Circuit manufacturing for production and prototyping, in Santa Clara, California

Thermal Products
  Cooltron - Cooltron offers AC, DC, EC Fans, Blowers, and Heat sinks - phase-change, heat pipes, extrusion, cold-forging, stamping, and die-casting. ISO certified and safety certifications from 9 countries including UL, CUL, TUV, VDE, CSA, CCEE, SEMKO, FIMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, and EEC.